Advice - Logistic - Valuation - Complementary

Based on our unique knowledge and experience of the wood waste recycling and valuation industry, SERVAL ENVIRONNEMENT is able to use its unique sense of service in creating a competent and reliable partnership.

1 - The right advice for optimal recycling.           (back)

Specialised in wood recycling, SERVAL ENVIRONNEMENT brings you a guarantee of Professional service combined with environmental advice adapted to your industry’s needs, helping you manage your recycling costs.

SERVAL ENVIRONNEMENT serves you through its up-to-date knowledge of recycling concerning all three European Waste Classification law (EWC) codes for wood

EWC Green
(Shavings, crushed palettes, off-cuts, slab off-cuts, boards, bark and granules…)

ECW Orange
(Treated wood, painted or varnished excluding heavy metal finishes, fibreboard…)

(Wood treated with heavy metals such as electric posts, railroad buffers…)

2 - Top Level Logistics           (back)

SERVAL ENVIRONNEMENT manages and organises the transport from your company to the waste treatment centres and or our wood grinding partners, then on to the recycled waste sites to be valued.

The reliability of our collections and our transportation chain 7 days a week 52 weeks a year and supply chain reliability for:
     • Board factories (across Europe)
     • Biomass heating plants
     • Granule manufacturing plants
     • Industrial plants

      • Treats almost 50,000 tonnes of wood each year
     • Uses a logistics chain of almost 3000 truck loads per year in AMF
        (automated moving funds)

3 - Quality valuation           (back)

SERVAL ENVIRONNEMENTThrough its perfect knowledge of wood subsidiaries and the needs of the recycled wood consumer market, SERVAL ENVIRONNEMENT ensures constant delivery of quality combustibles.

SERVAL ENVIRONNEMENT selects the best suppliers to respond to these specific supply needs of heating plants:
      • Quality levels
     • Humidity levels
     • Grain size
     • Timed delivery dates
     • Calories


4 - Our complementary knowledge           (back)

SERVAL ENVIRONNEMENT also specializes in recycling wood to metal waste products.

SERVAL ENVIRONNEMENT offers industries:
     • Brokering
     • Negotiations
     • Logistics
     • Transport supply chain